(ALLAH)The most gracious! (He who has) taught quran! (He who has) created human (and) taught speech (and) intelligence

Study online quran could be the best place to learn and read quran for

you, your family and children. We provide our students quality education at their door step. This online academy has been made to deliver online quran learning services through out the world. People who are interested in learning quran and basic Islamic teachings like (namaz), (dua’s) etc. Are welcome to receive proper teaching of quran with tajweed and tarteel  (pronunciation and accent).

It is obligatory for muslims to learn and teach quran. Many muslims are being benefitted by our service. We welcome students of all ages from any where in the world to join us and start learning.

Our online Courses:

1- Basic quran reading:

2- Quran reading with tajweed:

3- Quran memorization:

4- Quran translation:

5- Urdu learning:

6- Arabic Learning: